Revolutionizing Ham Radio Logging Experience

The World Radio League mobile app is a significant milestone in the evolution of ham radio logging, offering a range of innovative features that make it easier than ever to log your contacts, sync your logs, and stay connected with the ham radio community.

At its core, the app is designed to provide a seamless logging experience, allowing you to log your contacts in the field without worrying about transferring data back to your computer. With automatic syncing, you can ensure that your logs are up-to-date and easily accessible, making it simple to submit POTA activations, send your logs off to contests, and enjoy cloud backup if you’re using your phone as your primary logging device.

Max from Ham Radio Prep with WRL background

Offline Capabilities and Community Features

But what sets the World Radio League mobile app apart is its ability to function offline, making it perfect for hams who often find themselves operating in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The app allows you to start and finish an entire activation without ever being connected to the internet, and you’ll still be able to view your logbook and contacts offline. When you do get back online, your contacts will automatically sync up, ensuring that your logs are always up to date.

World Radio League Mobile app display previews

Additionally, the app includes a community forum directly accessible within the app, where you can ask questions, share tips, and connect with other ham radio enthusiasts. You can even show off your profile and aggregate view of your contacts on the go, making it easy to share your ham radio experiences with others.


The World Radio League mobile app, with its ease of use, seamless syncing, and offline capabilities, is a game-changer for the ham radio community.

Ready to take your ham radio experience to the next level? Download the World Radio League mobile app on Android or iOS and start logging like never before! With its seamless syncing, offline capabilities, and community features, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most – making contacts and enjoying the hobby. Create your free account today and discover a new way to log your contacts, connect with fellow hams, and make the most of your time on the air.