Who makes the best CW (morse code) keys? If you ask around, a lot of ham radio enthusiasts will point you towards Begali. Begali is a name that stands out in the world of telegraph keys, known for its quality and craftsmanship.

Let’s dive into what makes Begali keys the choice of many, and how you can get started with your own ham radio journey.

Meeting the Makers: The Begali Story

Jim, N4BFR from Ham Radio Prep with Bruno Begali from Italy

A Family Tradition

Jim, N4BFR from Ham Radio Prep sat down with Bruno Begali, representing the esteemed Begali keys. Coming straight from Italy, Bruno shares that the Begali family, including his father Piero I2RTF, crafts these telegraph keys with passion.

All Begali keys are proudly made in Italy, offering unparalleled quality in the world of CW.

For Beginners and Pros Alike

Bruno offers some insight for newcomers to CW, suggesting the Simplex model as a great starting point. Despite being an entry-level option, the Simplex doesn’t skimp on quality.

It’s a bit different from more advanced models because it uses a spring return mechanism, offering a different type of precision that’s still excellent for learning and mastering CW.

Choosing Your First Key

The Importance of Weight

One interesting aspect Bruno points out is the weight of the keys. A heavier key is not just a sign of quality but also practicality.

It stays put on your desk, especially when you’re eagerly attempting to make a contact and might get a bit more forceful with your sending.

Understanding Different Types

Jim and Bruno dive into the various types of keys available. From straight keys, which are the most basic form, to the more complex dual magnetic and semi-automatic keys. Each type serves different preferences and skill levels, highlighting Begali’s commitment to catering to the entire ham radio community.

A Closer Look at Begali Keys

Different Type of Begali Keys at HamCation 2024

Designs for Every Ham

Begali’s range is impressive, with keys designed for stationary and portable use. They’ve even created keys that can attach directly to your radio for ease of use during portable operations.

Bruno emphasizes the versatility of Begali keys, showcasing models that can switch between single and dual lever operations, allowing users to customize their experience.

The Joy of CW

Bruno’s final message is one of encouragement. Learning CW is a journey, and it’s not about how fast you can send but about enjoying the process and the unique connection CW offers. He reminds us that we all start somewhere and that the goal is to have fun and embrace the learning curve.


Begali stands out in the world of ham radio for their dedication to quality, innovation, and support for the ham community. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your CW experience, Begali keys offer something for everyone.

And remember, getting into CW isn’t just about the equipment; it’s about the adventure of communication and the fun of the hobby.

Ready to start your ham radio journey? Check out our courses for easy license classes. And if you’re looking to buy a Begali key, visit their website to explore the range of options available.

Buy a Begali key: https://www.i2rtf.com/keys—paddles.html