This is James KN4NEH, the CEO of Ham Radio Prep today with a huge announcement about major legislation that affects the entire ham radio community.

Two U.S. Senators, Roger Wicker from Mississippi and Richard Blumenthol from Connecticut, have introduced legislation to give ham radio operators the right to install outdoor antennas on residential properties and serve their communities.

Roger Wicker & Richard Blumenthol
Roger Wicker from Mississippi & Richard Blumenthol from Connecticut

Many homeowners associations prevent ham radio operators from installing antennas, which leaves many American communities without any type of backup communication system in the event of a blackout, natural disaster, or other communication outage.

So I want to commend Senator’s Wicker and Blumenthol for taking this extremely important step for American security and communications, and I want to extend our full support of Ham Radio Prep for this legislation.

One of the major reasons for the amateur radio service in the United States is to ensure that all Americans communicate when cell phone service and internet are not available.

This is critical infrastructure for US communications, and amateur radio operators are the backbone of our off-grid communications infrastructure.

This act is called the Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Act of 2024. We’ll post links so you can read more about this.

Let’s come together as an amateur radio community to get behind this piece of legislation and help build our communications infrastructure, so that our communities can stay connected in every disaster situation.