Greetings, ham radio enthusiasts! Max N4MLF here, excited to announce a game-changing update to the World Radio League. We’re always striving to improve your ham radio experience, and today, we’re taking a giant leap forward with our new contesting feature.

The Future of Amateur Radio Contesting is Here!

World Radio League - Enroll to Contest For Free

New Contesting Pane:

Our interface now includes a dedicated section for contesting. Here, you can easily find live contests, upcoming events, and recently completed contests. This feature is designed to transform how both hosts and participants engage in amateur radio contests.

Real-Time Leaderboard and Mapping:

Get immersed in the contest with a real-time leaderboard, dynamically updated as points are scored. You can also view a live map showcasing where contacts are being made, adding a visual thrill to your contesting experience.

Enrollment and Contact Logging:

Enrolling in contests is just a click away. Once you’re in, start logging your contacts. Each contact, like a QSO with James KN4NEH, will contribute to your contest score, depending on the contest rules.

️ Customizable Contests:

The architecture supports a wide range of contest settings. You can set the contest name, description, sections, and the awards. Plus, it’s versatile enough to integrate contests from various platforms, not just World Radio League exclusives.

️ Admin Tools for Contest Organizers:

If you’re running a contest, you’ll love the ‘Create a Contest‘ feature. Tailor your contest by setting the name, featured image, description, and more. You can define specific bands, modes, and even restrict participation based on membership status.

Why This Update Matters

Our latest feature redefines the amateur radio contesting landscape. It’s not just about logging contacts; it’s about bringing a vibrant, interactive, and competitive spirit to the ham radio community.

Whether you’re a seasoned contester or just getting started, these modern features will make your experience more fun and easy to use!

Join the WRL Contests

The contesting feature is live and waiting for you! Dive in, participate in the contests hosted by the World Radio League, and share your feedback. We’re excited to see how this new feature  your amateur radio journey.

Go to and become a free member to enroll to your first amateur radio contest at the World Radio League!

73s and happy contesting!