Exam Day Checklist

Ham Radio License Exam Checklist
  • Created with Lunacy Legal Photo ID
  • Created with Lunacy Two number two pencils and a pen
  • Created with Lunacy Social security number or FRN (FCC Registration Number). If you don't want to use your social security number, you should register for your FRN here
  • Created with Lunacy $15 Cash (or more, since the volunteers will usually let you try again for an additional fee if you have some trouble!)
  • Created with Lunacy Calculator (optional)

Get ready for your exam with Ham Radio Prep! Check out our courses:

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Technician License Course (Level 1)
Level 2

General License Course

General License Course (Level 2)

Our #1 mission here at hamradioprep.com is to advance the art of amateur radio and to keep the history of it alive and thriving as well. We want to pave the way for an even brighter future for all of those interested in Ham Radio for many years to come!

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