Meet Chris, KI1P: Mobile Amateur Radio Operator

In this video, Chris, KI1P, shares his passion for amateur radio operations and his journey to create the ultimate mobile setup. With a background in contesting and a love for emergency communications, Chris has converted an old TV truck into fully equipped mobile station. This vehicle is equipped with hydraulic towers, VHF and UHF antennas, and a range of radio equipment, making it perfect for contesting and emergency communications. Chris’ enthusiasm is infectious, as he explains how his mobile setup allows him to connect with other amateur radio operators around the world, especially in contest.

Chris, mobile amateur radio operator and Jim from Ham Radio Prep

Chris’ Mobile Setup: A Peek Inside the Van

Chris takes us on a tour of his mobile van, which is equipped with a full range of radio equipment, including an IC-7610 transceiver, two amplifiers, and different antennas. He shows us how he uses his generator, batteries, and air compressor system to power the equipment on the go. With this setup, Chris can operate his radio station from anywhere, whether it’s in his driveway or at a remote location. He also explains how he uses his iPad to control the equipment in the back of the van from the front seat, making it easy to operate the station without having to get out of the vehicle.

Inside of amateur radio mobile operating van

Chris’ van is more than just a means of transportation – it’s a mobile command center for his amateur radio operations. He uses it to coordinate with other operators during contests and emergencies, and to provide critical communications services when they’re needed most.

Getting Started with Mobile Amateur Radio Operations

Chris’ story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to get involved in amateur radio operations. His passion for the hobby is evident in his impressive mobile setup, and his commitment to using it for good is admirable. Whether you’re an experienced ham or just starting out, Chris’ journey shows that with dedication and creativity, you can take your amateur radio operations to new heights – literally. So why not grab what you’ve got and get on the air?


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