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Ham Radio Prep submits questions for next Technician class exam pool

Ham Radio Prep submits questions for next Technician class exam pool

Ham Radio Prep submits questions for next Technician class exam pool
By Ham Radio Prep

Published on 1st May 2021

SHERIDAN, Wyoming — Ham Radio Prep, the nation’s fastest growing amateur radio education program, has submitted 25 suggested questions to the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators, for use on the upcoming revision of the amateur radio Technician class examination pool set to go into effect next year.

The NCVEC revises question pools used in the examinations for the three amateur radio license classes every four years, and the new question-and-answer pool for the Technician license is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2022. NCVEC issued a call for suggested questions for the question pool with a submission deadline of June 30, 2021.

Ham Radio Prep has had tens of thousands of students who have used its courses for the Technician, General and Amateur Extra classes of licenses. Because of that, the organization feels uniquely qualified to offer insight and input on the new question pool for the Technician exam.

The new questions were generated in a variety of ways, according to Chuck Gysi, general manager of Ham Radio Prep.

“In submitting these questions, Ham Radio Prep drew upon the expertise of its own staff as well as its many students to draw together questions we feel are important to be included on the next round of Technician class exams,” Gysi said. “Our students often have comments about the questions they encounter on their exams and we have used that input in an effort to bring their experience to the NCVEC question pool committee.”

Questions submitted to the NCVEC included correct answers and distractors on a variety of subjects ranging from amateur radio operations, technology, emissions, Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations, frequency use and more.

There are more than 750,000 licensed amateur radio operators in the United States and its territories. Ham Radio Prep offers courses designed to teach people online the information they need to take exams that grant them Federal Communications Commission licenses for amateur radio. The courses also teach students how to be legal and safe on the airwaves, in accordance with FCC rules and regulations.

Ham Radio Prep was established in 2017 to assist people interested in obtaining an FCC-issued amateur radio license by offering courses for the FCC Technician, General and Extra class licenses. For more information about Ham Radio Prep, go to http://www.hamradioprep.com.

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