How to Register for your FRN

By Ham Radio Prep

How to Register for Your FRN (Ham Radio License Exam)

By Ham Radio Prep

Before getting your ham radio license, you must first register for your FRN. What is an FRN? An FRN, or FCC Registration Number, is a ten digit number that identifies your business dealings with the FCC. The FCC requires a permanent address, so they can reach you if need be. Although you can register by mail, it is advised that you do the process online as it is much simpler and gets a faster response.

Follow these steps below to register:

How to Get FRN - Step 2
In the box labeled “Select one of the following” click register
How to Get FRN - Step 6
Indicate you are an “Individual” if you are registering for your personal Ham license by clicking the option and then click continue.
How to Get FRN - Step 3
Fill out the form with your personal information used to register for the FRN.
How to Get FRN - Step 4
Click submit at the bottom, and you’re finished!

How long should it take to receive your FRN?

Immediately after submitting your forms from the steps above you will receive your FRN on the registration confirmation web page. You will not have to wait for mail, and if you need to make any immediate changes to your registration information you are able to do so.

Looking up your FRN in the database

Already have your FRN and want to look up your registration?

Visit and look up your FRN profile. This search can be done by FRN number, Business name, Last name, or EIN used to register.

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