Orlando, FL — The Ham Radio Prep team are eagerly preparing for their participation at the upcoming Orlando HamCation. With a dedicated booth confirmed, the team is all set to offer attendees an immersive experience within the exciting world of amateur radio.

Sponsored by Orlando Amateur Radio Club

Orlando HamCation, sponsored by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club with a global membership of around 300 enthusiasts, is poised to be a platform showcasing the diversity and expertise within the amateur radio community.

Engaging with Local Clubs and Collaborating

Highlighting the importance of local clubs, Ham Radio Prep encourages attendees to explore these hubs of knowledge. These clubs, instrumental for newcomers, offer invaluable guidance within the amateur radio community.

The event, drawing volunteers from diverse clubs across Florida, promises to welcome both local and national entities. Esteemed groups like QCWA, Dayton Amateur Radio Club, 10-10 Group, AIS, AMSAT, among others, will ensure enriching networking opportunities.

Ham Radio Prep extends an open invitation to all attendees, inviting enthusiasts and newcomers to explore their booth and engage in the exciting world of amateur radio at Orlando HamCation.

As the countdown begins for Orlando HamCation, the enthusiasm grows, promising an event brimming with the passion and expertise of the amateur radio community.

Get Hamcation tickets: https://www.hamcation.com/