Hello fellow ham radio enthusiasts! I’m Max N4MLF, a member of the World Radio League team, and I’m thrilled to share with you the latest updates we’ve rolled out in the World Radio League. Our mission is to continuously improve your experience, and these new features are a testament to that commitment.

Introducing the New WRL Features

1. Duplicate Contact Validation

World Radio League Duplicate Contact Check

We’ve introduced a crucial update to prevent duplicate contacts. For instance, if you accidentally try to log a contact with KN4NEH on 28.342 MHz again, the system now alerts you of this duplication.

This feature checks for identical call signs, frequencies, signal reports, and modes within a close timeframe, ensuring your log’s accuracy.

2. Contact Confirmation System

This new feature is all about validation. If you and another operator log the same exchange details (call sign, signal report, frequency, date, and time within 30 minutes), the contact is automatically confirmed.

This is a fantastic way to track and verify your connections, adding reliability to your log.

3. ADIF Import Capability

New WRL Features: Dupe Detection, Contact Confirmations, and ADIF Import!

In a significant step forward, we’ve enabled ADIF import functionality. You can now import your external ham radio logs into the World Radio League system.

Whether it’s from QRZ, a personal logbook, or other software, integrating your past contacts is now seamless. This feature supports large-scale imports, dynamically updating and parsing entries for easy integration.

Focusing on a Better Experience

  • Duplicate Check in Imports: With the ADIF import, the system checks for duplicates, ensuring no redundant data enters your log.
  • Detailed Import Insights: During the import process, you’ll see a progress window displaying the total successful entries, failures, and any duplicates detected.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: The imported logs include all essential details like call sign, signal reports, frequency, mode, and personal notes.

Why These Updates Matter

Our latest features aim to enhance your ham radio experience by ensuring data accuracy and providing comprehensive log management. By simplifying the logging process and offering tools for validation and import, we’re making sure that every aspect of your ham radio journey is well-documented and reliable.


These updates are live now, and we can’t wait for you to try them out. Your feedback is crucial in our journey to make the World Radio League the best it can be.

Our feature releases are coming fast, so sign up for a free account at WorldRadioLeague.com so you can join in on the fun!

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73s from Max N4MLF, and happy logging!