Renee did something amazing with ham radio! She went from being a beginner to an Extra class operator, which is pretty cool. Let’s dive into her story and see what she’s been up to.

Hitting the Road

Renee and her husband decided to go on an adventure. They packed their ham radio and traveled through 18 different states. They called their trip the “13 heny Road.” It was full of fun, learning, and lots of radio talking. They saw beautiful places, met new people, and learned a bunch of history along the way.

A Laugh at Klingman’s Dome

One day, while they were setting up their radio at Klingman’s Dome, someone asked if they were fishing. It was a funny moment because they were actually trying to set up their ham radio, not catch fish! Renee’s husband joked about it, and they all laughed. This shows how ham radio can lead to unexpected and fun moments.

From Technician to Extra

Renee’s journey in ham radio started simple. She first got her technician license, which is the first level. But she didn’t stop there. She kept learning and soon got her General license, and then, she became an Extra class operator. This is a big deal because it means she learned a lot and can now use all the ham radio frequencies.

Learning by Doing

Renee says the best way to learn ham radio is by doing it. Sure, studying and taking tests is important. But the real fun and learning start when you go outside, set up your radio, and start talking to people. She learned so much just by using her radio and trying different things. Sometimes, she even remembered stuff from her tests while she was out in the field.

Her Advice to Newbies

Renee has some advice for anyone curious about ham radio. She says don’t be scared. Start with the basics, take the test, and then get out there. You’ll learn a lot more by doing. And if you make mistakes? That’s okay! That’s how you learn. Now, Renee can talk to people from all over the world with her radio.

Renee loves ham radio because it’s a mix of learning, adventure, and making new friends. She went from a beginner to an expert, and she thinks you can do it too. So why not give ham radio a try? It’s a journey full of surprises and fun waiting for you! Get your license and get on the air soon.