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Behind the scenes with the creators of hamradioprep.com

It All Started With Destructive Hurricanes...

Back in the fall of 2017, hurricanes ravaged many parts of the USA. It was during this time that we began to take a huge interest in Ham Radio (amateur radio) as a way to communicate. We’d read some truly amazing stories about how Ham Radio operators used this unique and proven form of radio communication to save many lives, and it became truly inspiring to us. This motivated us to learn more about how Ham Radio actually works, and also how to get officially licensed.

This led us down a path of deep research and discovery. But what we actually discovered, well, was the actual LACK of clear and concise information on Ham Radio and most importantly, how to properly study for the official FCC exam. Not only was the information that we did find very poorly written, but most of the popular websites on the subject were severely outdated and hard to navigate or even understand.

Our "AHA!" Moment That Changed Everything

That’s when we had our big “AHA!” moment. We knew that if we were having such a hard time finding useful information on Ham Radio and especially helpful resources on the preparation for the official exam, that others were probably having the same problem. We knew we could do better. We wanted to create a complete all-in-one online resource that WE would want to use for ourselves, and that’s when hamradioprep.com was officially born.

Our #1 goal was to create one central website and engaged community of loyal enthusiasts that was not only jam-packed with useful information about Ham Radio and how to prep for the exam, but we also wanted to make it as SIMPLE and EASY to use as possible for people to learn. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here at hamradioprep.com.

Made By Real Experts Who LOVE Ham Radio!

We’ve become not only super passionate about Ham Radio, but also in helping others learn this amazing and timeless form of radio communication. Several of our founders not only come from a background in electrical engineering, but some have even worked for major tech firms in the Silicon Valley.

Between our passion, our various levels of expertise and more, we’ve developed and created a very user-friendly online course called Ham Radio Prep. This is an exclusive online course that includes a unique study system that makes prepping for the Ham Radio FCC exam super simple and a whole lot of fun. Who wants to learn something new and not have fun along the way? We don’t. And we assume you don’t either.

We’ve made what was once complex – SIMPLE.
We’ve made the art of online studying – PRACTICAL
We’ve made prepping for the official FCC exam – FUN!

Only The Best Information You Need To Know

We’ve carefully analyzed where most students go wrong when studying for their operator’s exam. We’ve also identified the most difficult questions regarding Ham Radio and the exam itself and made them easy to comprehend and understand thanks to the unique way we’ve put together our course. Not only is our course loaded with only the most accurate information, but it’s done with helpful information, beautiful video and challenging quizzes in order to help make learning much easier for each and every student.

We want to help you pass your official exam with flying colors – the very first time.

“Our #1 mission here at hamradioprep.com is to not only advance the art of amateur radio,
but to also keep the history of it alive and thriving as well. We want to pave the way for an
even brighter future for all of those interested in Ham Radio for many years to come!”

From all of us here at hamradioprep.com, we want to say we’re glad you’ve arrived, and we can’t wait to help share in this adventure with you!

Our #1 mission here at Ham Radio Prep is to advance the art of amateur radio and to keep the history of it alive and thriving as well. We want to pave the way for an even brighter future for all of those interested in Ham Radio for many years to come!

Reminder: It is illegal to transmit on amateur radio frequencies without an FCC license. Always follow FCC regulations when operating on amateur radio.

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