What goes on behind the scenes at HamCation? To get the insider scoop, we spoke with one of the dedicated volunteers who help make the event a success.

Let’s dive into what makes HamCation special, from the perspective of someone who knows it inside out.

Meet Alejandro, the Public Relations Chairman

Alejandro, KN4YRX from HamCation

Alejandro, known by his call sign KN4YRX, is not just a ham radio enthusiast; he’s also the Public Relations Chairman at Hamcation. This is his second year in the role, and he’s the mastermind behind the social media buzz and the informative newsletters attendees receive.

He’s the one crafting images for social media, responding to comments, and coordinating press releases that reach ham radio operators far and wide.

Working at Hamcation

Alejandro’s work starts long before the event kicks off.

He’s busy creating social media content, engaging with the community online, and preparing press releases. It’s a year-round job that ramps up as the event draws closer.

With thousands of visitors and numerous vendors to coordinate, it’s no small feat. Alejandro and his team of volunteers put in a lot of effort to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Life Beyond Hamcation

When he’s not busy with Hamcation duties, Alejandro loves to explore the great outdoors.

He’s an avid off-roader with a Jeep and enjoys camping. Bringing his radios along for these adventures, he engages in “parks in the air” or POTA activities, making his hobby a valuable tool in his adventure kit.

Alejandro’s Radio Journey

Alejandro’s radio interests are broad, spanning from VHF to UHF, and he has recently ventured into HF radio.

Alejandro's Yaesu FT-891
Alejandro’s Yaesu FT-891

His new HF rig is a compact unit, a Yaesu FT-891, perfect for bringing along on his off-road and camping trips.

This choice reflects a common theme among ham radio enthusiasts: selecting gear that suits their lifestyle and hobbies.


Choosing the right HF radio is a personal decision, influenced by how and where one plans to use it.

For Alejandro, the ability to easily transport his radio for park activations was key. As he looks forward to enhancing his skills and possibly diving into morse code (CW) in the future, it’s clear that ham radio is a versatile hobby that complements his adventurous lifestyle.

Alejandro’s insights into Hamcation and his personal ham radio journey offer a glimpse into the passionate community that keeps this hobby thriving. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to the scene, there’s always something new to learn and explore in the world of ham radio.

If you’re interested in getting started with ham radio or looking to level up, check out our online courses. It’s a fun and fast way to pass your ham radio license exam and join the exciting world of amateur radio.