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Everything you need to get your ham radio license.

Are you looking for a ham radio study guide to help you pass your license exam for Technician, General or Amateur Extra? Look no further!
In this ham radio study guide, we discuss the benefits and why an online course is the best way to study for your ham radio license exam.
Here are the different types of ham radio licenses and the privileges you receive when you get licensed as a technician, general or amateur extra licensee.
How can you finally get your ham radio license? It’s easier than you think. Follow these 3 steps to finally get your license and get started in ham radio.
The FCC released a public note confirming that ham radio license test session may be held remote / online.
Wondering if you should get a ham radio license? Here are the top reasons why every American should get an amateur radio license.
These are some of the hardest questions on the FCC Ham Radio Technician License Exam that most people get wrong.
Ham radio licenses are good for ten years, but it’s easy to forget to renew your license. Fortunately, renewing a license is easy to do.
Here is how you can schedule your amateur radio license exam – online or on-site. Let’s get you your amateur radio license!
Find an Ham Radio License Exam near you using our tool. Taking the in-person exam is the last step to get your ham radio license. Search now!

Everything you have to know about ham radio.

Explore the differences between ham radio and GMRS, including licensing, range, equipment, and community. Learn which suits your needs best.
Less than 1 percent of the population can actually read Morse Code. That is because Morse code is used by only a percentage of amateur radio operators today.
On a local repeater, you’ll often hear someone use terms like QTH or QSY. These hams aren’t using some secret code; secret codes aren’t allowed on the ham bands. They’re using Q-signals.
One of the other cool things you can do with a Technician Class license is work the “birds,” otherwise known as amateur radio satellites.
At the end of a contact with a friend, most hams will call out a hearty “73.” So, what does ’73 mean’ and why do ham operators say it?
One of the things about amateur radio that non-hams find amusing is how we use our call signs to identify one another rather than our names. It makes sense, though, doesn’t it?
One of the most frequent questions that new ham operators ask is, “How far can you talk on ham radio? One answer is “all around the world.”
There are many different types of ham radio antennas out there and choosing the right one for your radio can make a big difference in how it performs.
These are the two most popular radio services in the US. There are significant differences between CB radio and ham radio, and knowing these differences will help you choose the one that’s right for you.
Ham radio can be anything you want it to be. You can communicate over the airwaves much like amateurs did decades ago.

Learn how to use your ham radio and ways to use it.

Learn how to use ham radio for offroading and how to pick the best mobile radios for your car or truck, and set up your radio equipment.
Amateur Packet Reporting System (APRS) is a digital communication system utilized by amateur radio operators to exchange messages and track locations utilizing GPS.
Winlink allows hams to send email over radio frequencies.
Few years ago, I received a SmartiPi-Touch case as a gift. It’s a case on a stand that houses a Raspberry Pi along with a 7 inch touchscreen.
Learn about flying FPV drones and why you might need a ham radio license to fly one.
Ham radio is there when emergency communication systems fail.
One of the reasons ham radio exists is for emergency communication.

Pick up the right ham radio equipments for yourself.

We handpicked the best handheld ham radios. These are recommended and used by hundreds of ham radio operators across the nation.
Despite the controversy, it may be a perfect starter radio

Get the latest ham radio news and updates.

In this conversation, a teacher discusses their experience with a ham radio education program with CEO James from Ham Radio Prep.
Ham radio operators across the United States are gearing up for Field Day 2023, which will take place on June 24 and 25.
Ham Radio Prep Releases “All New” General Class License Course for 2023-2027 Question Pool. Course is now available!
NASA announced the astronauts for the Artemis II mission to the moon in 2024. Three hams from the crew will fly on that mission.
Ham Radio Prep partners with FliteTest to offer 20% off on amateur radio license classes for FPV drone pilots.
A balloon launched by an Illinois ham radio club might have been the balloon shot down over Canada recently by U.S. Air Force fighter jets.
You do not forfeit your Fourth Amendment right to unreasonable search and seizure by getting a ham radio license.
The US House of Representatives will have at least two proposals related to Amateur Radio to review in the 2023-2024 session.
In the face of a looming conflict with one of the largest global superpower’s, Taiwan’s citizens have been forced to prepare for the worst.
Ham Radio Prep releases a new video course covering the technician license exam questions that are updating starting on July 1st, 2022. The new questions will be valid through 2026.

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