Dayton Hamvention Flea Market Adventure

Join Jim and Max from Ham Radio Prep as they embark on a thrilling adventure through the Dayton Hamvention flea market. With their cameras in hand, they scour the vendors for unique and interesting items, sharing their discoveries with you.

A Look at Retro Radio Equipments

Jim’s excited to find a vintage HP frequency counter and a Linemans’ butt-set, which was used by phone technicians to test phone lines. He’s impressed by the craftsmanship and nostalgic value of these retro items. He also shows off some interesting signal filters, including duplexers that can be used for repeaters. He also talks about cross-band repeater systems, which allow multiple radios to link up and form a network.

Person holding Linemans’ butt-set

Max talks about a fascinating hobby – weather balloon tracking. He explains how these balloons are launched by NOAA with weather instruments and how amateur radio enthusiasts can track them using UHF frequencies.

Ham Radio Prep Success Stories

We catch up with Tim, a Ham Radio Prep student who’s been chasing weather balloons with his friends. He shares his success story and how he got started with ham radio thanks to Ham Radio Prep. He also shares his own experiences building weather balloon trackers and chasing down balloons.

Max and Tim talking

Other Finds

Jim picks up some old Motorola microphones, while Max finds a unique calculator and some multimeter test equipment. They also encounter a variety of other interesting items, including a missile guidance computer, a pedometer, and a grocery store skew.

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Stay tuned for more adventures from the Hamvention flea market!