What’s the Problem?

As ham radio operators, we know that antenna height is crucial for effective communication. However, getting our antennas up high can be a challenge, especially when we’re in urban areas or don’t have access to trees or light poles. This is where the Gigaparts QRZ Explorer Antenna Mast comes in, offering a lightweight and portable solution that can help us get our antennas up high quickly and easily.

Jim from Ham Radio Prep and Jason from Gigaparts talking at Dayton Hamvention

The Solution

The QRZ Explorer Antenna Mast is a game-changer for park activations, emergency situations, or any situation where we need to get our antenna up high quickly. This carbon fiber mast extends to an impressive 20 feet high, making it perfect for reaching those hard-to-access areas. Its lightweight design means it’s easy to carry and transport, weighing in at just over a pound. Whether you’re setting up a temporary station for an emergency response or need a reliable antenna setup for your next park activation, this mast is an excellent addition to your toolkit.

What Makes it Special

What sets the QRZ Explorer Antenna Mast apart from other options on the market is its unique design. The secret to its success lies in its bottom-heavy design, which prevents the top sections from sinking into each other and making it difficult to extend. This means that you can easily deploy the mast without worrying about it collapsing or malfunctioning. Additionally, the cap at the top of the mast has a special functionality that prevents it from rattling around while extended, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

Explorer POTA20 Portable Handheld 20 ft Telescopic Carbon Fiber POTA MastExplorer POTA20 Portable Handheld 20 ft Telescopic Carbon Fiber POTA Mast


The Gigaparts QRZ Explorer Antenna Mast is an excellent investment for any ham radio operator. And with a price point of just $79.95, it’s an affordable addition to your toolkit. With its lightweight design, easy deployment, and impressive height range, this mast is the perfect solution for any situation where you need to get your antenna up high quickly.

Get your hands on the Gigaparts QRZ Explorer Antenna Mast today and take your ham radio game to new heights! Order now and be ready for your next park activation or emergency situation.