Stone Mountain, GA – The Ham Radio Prep team recently attended the Stone Mountain Hamfest, bringing a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm to the event. The team of ham radio enthusiasts – Jim, Max, and James, showcased Ham Radio Prep’s comprehensive ham radio license courses, interacted with students, and introduced attendees to the new World Radio League Logbook.

A Day of Learning and Fun

The event kicked off early, with people arriving even before 8 a.m. Jim, known for his involvement with Ham Radio Prep and the World Radio League, expressed his eagerness to explore the Boneyard – a place to find hidden gems for ham radio at bargain prices. Max, sharing the same excitement, was on the lookout for a Morse code key, a symbol of the ‘final frontier’ in amateur radio.

Ham Radio Prep at the Stone Mountain Hamfest 2023

James highlighted the giveaways for ham radio prep students, including free books and the opportunity to sign up for the World Radio League. The day promised a great blend of social interaction, learning, and shopping for ham radio enthusiasts.

Exploring the Stone Mountain Hamfest

The team roamed around the hamfest, exploring various stalls and interacting with other enthusiasts. They came across a range of interesting finds, from emergency communication trailers to satellite equipment.

Jim pointed out the significance of old manuals and books for beginners in ham radio, emphasizing that the basic technology behind antennas and electronics remains largely unchanged.

Jim, Max, James Exploring the Stone Mountain Hamfest Boneyard

Max, interested in Morse code, picked up a straight key and a handmade double paddle, while Jim was tempted by the various equipment and radios on display, including a recent model RF radio offered at a reasonable price.

Education and Interaction

A significant part of the Ham Radio Prep team’s mission was to educate and interact with fellow enthusiasts. They discussed various aspects of ham radio, from learning Morse code to the importance of grounding and resonance in antennas.

The team also showcased their new World Radio League logbook, an innovative tool designed to help users log their contacts and visualize them across the globe. This feature was part of the team’s broader effort to support ham radio operators from getting their licenses to actively engaging in the community.

Tips for Aspiring Ham Radio Operators

Max and James shared valuable tips for those new to ham radio. The key advice was to dedicate time to learning the material and to utilize the available resources, such as mobile apps and online courses, effectively. They emphasized that success in getting your ham radio licenses, from technician to amateur extra, is achievable with the right approach and resources.

Wrapping Up

The Stone Mountain Hamfest was not just an event for buying and selling equipment; it was a vibrant gathering of enthusiasts sharing knowledge, stories, and a passion for ham radio. Ham Radio Prep loved being part of this amazing experience with both expert and new hams.