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Today, we have some thrilling news to share that underscores the ever-expanding reach and impact of amateur radio.

Recently, we had an enlightening conversation with Jordan, a dedicated educator at a Gomper’s Academy. Jordan’s passion for teaching and innovation in the classroom has sparked a unique revolution in his school. We’re excited to bring you a summary of this conversation and the incredible work happening in schools like Jordan’s, and how schools near you can benefit from ham radio.

Conversation Highlights:

In our conversation with Jordan, he shared insights into how ham radio is making its mark in his classroom:
  • Passion-Driven Learning:¬†Jordan emphasized the importance of letting students’ passions drive their education. He encourages exploration and experimentation, allowing students to delve into subjects they truly care about, such as robotics and amateur radio.
  • Engaging Curriculum:¬†Jordan discussed the challenges of finding comprehensive resources for teaching ham radio in schools. Fortunately, Ham Radio Prep’s user-friendly curriculum has filled this void. The curriculum’s simplicity, engaging content, and interactive features have been instrumental in keeping students motivated and excited about learning.
  • Collaboration Opportunities:¬†The conversation highlighted the potential for collaboration between ham radio enthusiasts and schools. Jordan expressed enthusiasm about the idea of ham radio experts visiting schools, setting up antennas, and even allowing students to operate the station. This hands-on experience could ignite a lifelong passion for ham radio.
  • The Future of Education:¬†Jordan’s approach demonstrates that innovation in education can come from within, driven by students’ interests and curiosity. By saying “yes” to exploring new subjects and technologies, educators can create enriching experiences for their students.

Get Involved in the Ham Radio Education Revolution:

Are you as excited as we are about the growing presence of ham radio in schools? If so, here’s your chance to get involved and make a difference:

Educators: If you’re an educator interested in bringing ham radio into your classroom or school, we’re here to support you. Our comprehensive curriculum and resources are designed to make teaching ham radio accessible and engaging. Reach out to us, and let’s explore how we can collaborate to inspire the next generation of ham radio operators.

Ham Radio Enthusiasts: Are you eager to share your knowledge and passion for ham radio with the younger generation? Consider volunteering at a local school or sharing your ham radio experiences with educators like Jordan. Together, we can create incredible learning opportunities.

Stay Tuned:¬†We’ll be creating a video of our conversation with Jordan, showcasing the inspiring work being done in schools.¬†You can catch a sneak peak in last week’s CEO Update by clicking here.

The synergy between ham radio and education is growing stronger, and you can be part of this journey. Let’s continue to foster a love for amateur radio and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for being a part of our ham radio community. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories.

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