Choosing your amateur radio equipment is about more than just the price. It’s about finding the best technology and performance for your needs.

This is where ICOM shines, offering an extensive range of radios that cater to every aspect of amateur radio operation.

Join us as we dive into a discussion with Jim, N4BFR from Ham Radio Prep and Ray Novak from ICOM America, exploring what sets ICOM apart as a leading manufacturer in the amateur radio industry.

Interview with Ray Novak

At the heart of the bustling Orlando Hamcation, Jim, representing Ham Radio Prep, had the opportunity to chat with Ray Novak, a key figure from ICOM America.

Ray Novak (N9JA) from ICOM America

Their discussion revolved around ICOM’s dedication to the amateur radio community and its efforts to cover all the essential radio bands that enthusiasts seek.

Why Choose ICOM Radios?

Here are some reasons why you should go for an ICOM radio.

ICOM’s Wide Range of Offerings

ICOM is not just about basic radio equipment; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what amateur radios can do. From the easy-to-use HF radios like the 7300 to the groundbreaking i905 introduced last year, ICOM ensures that every amateur radio enthusiast finds exactly what they need.

The i905, for instance, expands on the 9700’s capabilities, adding more bands for a comprehensive radio experience.

The Genius of ICOM’s User Interface

One of the standout features of ICOM radios is their consistent and intuitive user interface.

Whether it’s the 705 or the 905, the familiarity of the controls and the ease of switching modes or bands make ICOM radios a joy to use.

The innovative design of the 905, which minimizes feed line loss by placing RF units close to the antenna, showcases ICOM’s commitment to enhancing user experience.

Comparing the ID 52 and ID 50 Handhelds

The conversation then shifted to ICOM’s handheld radios, particularly the ID 52 and ID 50. Despite their similarities, these radios cater to different user needs. The ID 52, with its color screen and Bluetooth capability, offers a more advanced experience, suitable for those who value these features.

Meanwhile, the ID 50, with its traditional design and monochrome screen, is perfect for newcomers or those looking for a reliable, everyday radio.

Words of Wisdom for New Hams

Ray emphasized the importance of looking beyond the price tag and considering the technology and performance that ICOM radios offer.

With ICOM, amateurs can be sure they’re getting cutting-edge features and reliable performance, making their investment well worth it.


ICOM stands out in the amateur radio world for its innovation, user-friendly design, and commitment to covering a wide range of operating needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned amateur or just starting out, ICOM has something to offer that will enhance your radio experience.

Ready to explore the world of amateur radio with ICOM? Check out their products at ICOM America, and to get started with ham radio and get your license, checkout Ham Radio Prep’s easy online classes.

Join the satisfied amateur radio operators who choose ICOM for its unbeatable combination of technology, performance, and support.