Brandon Currin says “Thanks Ham Radio Prep! Passed my Tech and General today with flying colors! Yeehaw”.

Reshard of Texas says he got his ham license because he wanted to learn how to operate ham radios. Now he can! Reshard recently obtained his Technician class ham license, thanks to Ham Radio Prep’s online study system.

“The concept of radio has always intrigued me,” Olivia of Texas says, adding: “The thought of talking to people around the country (or even the world) was just exciting. I love to talk on the radio in my airplane.” It’s for that very reason that Olivia studied with Ham Radio Prep’s online study system and now sports a new Technician class ham license! “Besides,” she adds, “the survival girl in me noticed the importance in case the phone grid ever went to toast. Not to mention its application in space communication.”

Raziel of California recently got his Technician class FCC ham license, Raziel says this: “As a firearms instructor, some courses end up being in secluded places without phone service. I felt this was important to ensure I have a plan in the event of an emergency. I’m also excited to be a part of a very knowledgeable and supportive community. Looking to speak with everyone on the air!”

Drones and other things about ham radio interest Huy of Illinois, so he studied with Ham Radio Prep and took his Technician class license test — and passed!

Tom of Washinton State said he thought amateur radio would be a fun hobby when he retired and his wife gave him a handheld radio for Christmas. That’s when he decided it was time to get his license and start exploring the hobby. Tom studied with Ham Radio Prep and passed his Technician class FCC license.

Couples that ham together stay together! Right? Garry and Cindy from Florida studied with Ham Radio Prep for their FCC Technician class licenses — and they both passed! What a great hobby for couples! They said they wanted to take their radio hobby to the next level. Are you part of a ham couple? We’d love to hear about you.

“One word: Baofeng.” That’s the reason Sean of Indiana studied with Ham Radio Prep and now has both his FCC Technician and General licenses. We know many of our students want to become licensed so they can use their handheld radios legally for communications.

Dennis of California says he wanted to help his community during emergencies and events when normal communications systems fail. That’s why he studied with Ham Radio Prep and now holds a new Technician class FCC amateur radio license!

Getting your ham license for emergency purposes is one of the main reasons many get licensed. John of Colorado now has his Technician class FCC license for that very reason, thanks to his studying with Ham Radio Prep.

A new Technician class FCC amateur license is now held by Don of Colorado, thanks to his studies with Ham Radio Prep. He said he wanted to get involved with ham radio for emergency preparedness. You can see he’s ready to celebrate on the air with his new handheld radio!

Like many who decide to get their amateur license, Rorrick of Arizona says he studied with Ham Radio Prep because he had radios that he technically couldn’t use. Now he has his Technician class FCC amateur license and is #OnTheAir!

Laura of Georgia studied with Ham Radio Prep and passed her Technician class FCC exam and her General, too! She says she loves the art of radio and community support and found our course engaging and practical.

In order to expand his knowledge and skills in communications, Tomoatsu of California studied with Ham Radio Prep to prepare for his recent FCC Technician class license exam! He passed!


Robert of Alabama studied for his license with us so he could “Help with disaster communications and to further my hobbies.”


Nicholas of Illinois got his license with Ham Radio Prep because “I wanted to get better at understanding and learning Morse Code.”


Mejias said about HamRadioPrep.com “It’s easy to study with your method, even with my limited English I passed the exam the first time. Very good platform and I can’t recommend it more!”


Louis got his ham radio license with us because “I wanted to be able to assist with emergency services.”


Katie from California got both her Technician and General Class License with Ham Radio Prep!


Bill from Florida decided to get his license with us because “I wanted to get into ham radio to learn a new hobby.”


Adam from Texas got his license with Ham Radio Prep because “I wanted to fly First Person View Drones legally”.