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Business Manager

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We are seeking a strategic and experienced Business Manager to join our team. As the Business Manager at HamRadioPrep, you will play a key role in driving the overall growth and success of our business. You will oversee and manage the CTO, Content Director, and Operations Manager, ensuring their departments operate efficiently and contribute to the achievement of company objectives. Your responsibilities will encompass strategic planning, resource management, performance evaluation, and fostering a collaborative and innovative culture. If you are a dynamic leader with a proven track record in business management and a passion for driving growth, we want to hear from you.


  • Strategic Planning and Execution:
    • Develop and implement strategic plans and initiatives to drive the overall growth and success of the business.
    • Collaborate with the executive team to define company goals, objectives, and KPIs, and develop action plans to achieve them.
    • Monitor industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to identify opportunities and inform strategic decision-making.
    • Lead the formulation and implementation of business policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Managerial Oversight and Performance Management:
    • Provide leadership and guidance to the CTO, Content Director, and Operations Manager, ensuring alignment with company goals and objectives.
    • Monitor and evaluate the performance of department managers, providing regular feedback, coaching, and professional development opportunities.
    • Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that promotes innovation, teamwork, and employee engagement.
    • Set performance targets, monitor progress, and drive accountability to ensure the timely and successful achievement of departmental goals.
  • Resource Management and Budgeting:
    • Oversee resource allocation, budgeting, and financial planning to optimize operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
    • Collaborate with the finance team to monitor and manage departmental budgets, expenses, and financial performance.
    • Identify resource needs, talent gaps, and training requirements, and collaborate with HR to address them effectively.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    • Foster strong cross-functional collaboration and communication among departments to ensure seamless execution of business strategies.
    • Facilitate effective information sharing, knowledge transfer, and collaboration across teams.
    • Collaborate with the executive team, department managers, and stakeholders to drive alignment and achieve company-wide goals.
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting:
    • Develop and maintain performance metrics, dashboards, and reports to track the progress and effectiveness of business initiatives.
    • Analyze business data, market trends, and financial indicators to identify opportunities for improvement and inform decision-making.
    • Provide regular updates to the executive team on departmental performance, achievements, and challenges.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field (MBA is a plus).
  • Proven experience (minimum 8 years) in business management or leadership roles, preferably in a technology or EdTech company.
  • Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, with the ability to drive innovation and navigate complex business challenges.
  • Excellent leadership and managerial abilities, with a track record of effectively managing and developing teams.
  • Sound financial acumen and experience in budgeting, resource management, and financial analysis.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate and influence stakeholders at all levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive results, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects concurrently.
  • Strong analytical mindset, with the ability to leverage data and insights to drive informed decision-making.
  • Passion for the education industry, technology, and ham radio is a plus.

Join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our ham radio education platform. If you are a strategic thinker, skilled leader, and experienced business manager, we look forward to reviewing your application.

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